Changing Developer Mailing Lists

Hey Folks, we’re shutting down the Launchpad developer e-mail list.

Launchpad’s e-mail list service has become increasingly unreliable. In the past month, multiple messages have not been delivered to the lead developer team members, leading to a lack of communication. This has happened a few times over the past two years. While each time is eventually resolved, we have no control over its resolution and no visibility on when it happens.

For this reason, we are moving to a new list server. You can subscribe to the new list by e-mailing

For more details on the list, please see the KiCad Project blog post at

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It looks like “” is blocked in China :broken_heart: :broken_heart: :broken_heart:

I am sorry to hear that our users in China are unable to access the web interface.

I hope that you will still be able to subscribe to the list using e-mail.

This seems like it may be collateral damage? Any entity you can safely check with?

It’s a blanket ban on Google Groups.

China is completely fascist about controlling all forms of communication and Google Groups isnt quite so easy to moderate.

Do you have a work around or is this something we can work on?

Can someone manually add him to the list and see if that works?

Send an e-mail to:

The google groups is just a web interface, not the actual list server

I have done so using a different email. many thanks!

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The list is VERY quiet at the moment. Is everything working properly?

The list is typically quiet (a few emails a month sometimes)

Please is it possible to consider a

not so abusive,
no tax evasion

service than google?

Read the actual post where this is explained.

tldr; no

I’ve already read the post. I understand the reason to change but I don’t understand why google workspace has been chosen.

As much as I dislike the company, I keep an email account there because ‘it just works’. It is exempted from most major real time blocking lists and other spam prevention measures which has gotten to be a REAL problem for email now days.

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I once requested an email address for the kicad . org domain. My intention was to search the 'net for websites that still used the old KiCad domain name after the KiCad project lost control over it, and send them email requests to update those links.

I was kindly given the “paulvdh @ kicad . org” email address, but I had to sign in via some google thing, so I declined to use it. I have similar ethical objections to microsoft, apple, facebook, twitter, amazon, intel, sony and a bunch of other companies and don’t use their products.

It’s not easy to keep up any sort of morale on the internet.


Google offers reliable and maintenance-free (on our part) email delivery and mailboxes. We do not want to get involved with self-hosting mailing lists or mailboxes, and our priority is reliable email delivery (which is a very complex subject these days, and basically a full-time job for whoever is administering a mail server).

It is not reasonable in today’s world to operate an independent / “open source” email list, unfortunately. Your emails simply won’t get delivered everywhere you want them to. We don’t have anyone to take on the full-time job of fighting to keep emails delivered.