Changing default project path

Hi, I’ve just setup a new PC and installed KiCAD and I want to change the default projects path to my OneDrive project folder but can’t see where to do it, it always tries to open projects in the new, empty, project folder it created on installation.
I thought it would be found in “Configure paths” but there’s nothing there about project files.

Is it possible?

I do not use OneDrive but I keep my projects in my own folders on my HDD. Once I have worked with a given project file, KiCad will go to the most recent one by default on opening KiCad. I THINK that “configure paths” relates more to your personal libraries.

Like BobZ, I have never seen such a setting, KiCad just starts off in the last project you were working on. You can put your projects anywhere you can create a directory. So just navigate to where you want your new project and create it.

This OneDrive thing (I don’t use Windows) may complicate things. It sounds to me like a connect on demand folder. Perhaps if KiCad cannot trigger the connection of OneDrive to open the project then it will try the next one on the most recently used stack and so on until it finds a project it can open and that is probably the one located on a real disk.

Thanks for the feedback it’s just strange that it creates a default project folder on installation.
I can easily open existing projects so it’s not a big issue

Why would that be strange? It would be the logical thing to do to get newbies started with using the software. Lots of other software do a similar thing. KiCad probably did that to me when I installed it so I switched to a directory where I wanted my projects to go and then deleted the starter directory.

That’s a default folder, you don’t have to use it at all in the slightest. It’s meant to give a easy default for the majority of users, not all of them.

If you start opening / creating projects from elsewhere, it will remember that path most of the time.

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