Changing all via in design

i need to change via size , in my design.a single click how to select all vias in kicad

In the lower right corner of the PCB editor, there is a selection filter. Set it to only select via’s:


… and then drag a selection box around your whole PCB.

Another method is to work with the net class system. All nets are always a member of a net class (If you have not worked with net classes, then all nets are a member of the “Default” net class. You can change the via properties of the net class (and create new net classes etc) in: PCB Editor / File / Board Setup / Design Rules / Net Classes, and then use: PCB Editor / Edit / Edit Track & Via Properties to update the vias.

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Here’s one way, taking advantage of the selection filter.

Untick All in selection filter and then tick Vias.

Ctrl-A to select all (vias).

Right click to bring up the context menu, Properties, edit size, OK.

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Note that it’s probably better to use the net class mechanism to classify tracks and hence vias, to assign sizes, than to edit their sizes directly.

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