Changed Pin Type in Library but Didn't Change Schematic?

I decided to draw a new resistor symbol because I wanted the “squiggly” line type resistor. I made the electrical type of of the resistor pins as “bidirectional”. When I ran a DRC I had a ton of errors for pins conflicting and realized I should’ve made the pins “passive”. I corrected the pins in the library editor and set the pins to passive, but I still get the same DRC errors even though I’ve quit and reloaded the schematic and I have hit the “redraw schematic view”. Any suggestions on how to fix this, I’d really like to get rid of all the errors even if they don’t mean anything.

Did you save your changes? (In version 4 there are two save buttons. One to get the changes into the cache one to get them to disk. In v5 only one save operation is necessary.)

How did you start the library editor. If you start it by right clicking on the placed symbol within eeschema (shortcut crtl+e) then the symbol should update immediately.
Otherwise the old symbol is still in the cache. To update you might need to restart eeschema in that case (to force a library reload and to get the rescue dialog). It might also already be enough to manually start rescue from the tools menu of eeschema. In the rescue dialog deselect the symbol in question to accept the changed one from the library.

There is already a ‘wiggly’ US style resistor available in the V5 libraries (R_US). The US style symbol is also available for some networks, potentiometers etc. Don’t think these comes in the V4 libraries though.

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Thanks for taking the time to reply!

To start the library editor I just clicked on “schematic Library Editor” button. Then I selected the “Device” library and then selected my the resistor I drew. I have restarted eeschema but not sure about how to get the rescue dialog, I will look into that. As of now, nothing comes up when I open my schematic telling me of the updated part.

I saved my changes in part Library Editor by clicking the “Save Current Library to Disk Button” in the upper left hand corner. Where is the other save button? It looks like if I choose a new component and replace the old resistor with the updated resistor, the updated resistor has the correct electrical pin types but it doesn’t auto apply it to existing resistors. I thought I could force it to update the part by modifying the resistor with an extra pin, but even that doesn’t give me a dialog box that asks if I want to accept new changes.

I’m using KiCAD on OSX 10.11.6

I tried to update to KiCAD V5 but my computer says the .dmg image is not recognized. Tried the nightly build .dmg file too with no luck. Might be my fault, but sticking with KiCAD 4.0.7 for now.

KiCad 4 has a further complication. In it symbol names must be unique over all libraries. Otherwise you need to take care of library priorities. So maybe kicad simply takes a different symbol than the one you expect.

Furthermore: Do not add your personal symbols to system libraries. Any update to kicad will mean you loose your personal symbols otherwise.

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@remote1 What worked well for me on 4.x was to make sure that my personal libraries were on the top of the symbol library list. That way if I reused the name of a standard library part, my variant would be chosen first. To make things easier on myself if I loaded someone elses schematic, I always tried to make sure that if I was reusing a symbol name from the standard libraries, I didn’t move any pins. Most of my symbol name reuse was to add pin numbers (I have pin numbers on all symbols, long story not relevant here) and/or a different glyph geometry (like the US resistor graphic).

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@SembazuruCDE this is what I was try to ask for backward compatible style for either specify the library name in symbol, or just symbol name. So we can have flexibility of way to use it. But most people disagreed! May be it too confuse for attracting new user.

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