Change wire colour for multiple wires at once?

Hey folks - I love that I can change wire colours in the schematic in 5.99, but is there a way to multi select a bunch of wires and change their colours at once? I can’t seem to find a way.

Or is there a “repeat last task” key or something or I can just hover over the next wire and hit the key and have to change that one like the last one?

Unexpected Maker

You can select more than one wire and then if you edit properties, you’ll be changing the properties for all selected. You can use shift+click to add things to the selection (or shift+drag)

Another option is to use net classes, which work in the schematic now too. You can set a schematic color for a netclass and all wires for the net members of that class will get the color (unless the wire is overridden with a specific color of its own)

When I multi-select more than 1 wire, E no longer works, and if I right click and go to properties and change a colour, only the wire I was on when I right clicked changes. Bug?

I’ll have a look at the net class approach, thanks.

Probably you have some junctions selected too. Unfortunately this seems to be blocking the mass editing of the common color property. This is kind of a bug, although the long-term fix for it will be the property editor in V7…

Right, yeah, I am marque selecting, so I guess I am getting junctions as well. Makes sense, thanks!

I was going to ask about a property editor… V7 hey, hmm, V6 isn’t officially out yet, That’s going to be a loooooong wait :slight_smile:

Hey, welcome to the forums. I just stumbled across your video for your manual PnP turntable. Nice build. I haven’t watched it fully, but for others, here is your live streamed intro to KiCad for all of us regular KiCad users to yell at our monitors when you do something wrong because you aren’t familiar with the software…

if you select the bunch and the de-select the junction point it should work as expected, right ?

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