Change via size or track segment does not work

Hi All,

Using kicad 4.0.1 on Win7-64:
Are these Ok or am I missing some settings?

  1. Cannot change via size (shortcut ‘E’ or mouse right-click -> ‘change via size and drill’) in default canvas mode (F9).

  2. Manual routing does not work correctly in OpenGL/Cairo canvas modes, i.e. placing a via using ‘V’ shortcut Ends the tracking mode and/or changing the layer (to put a via) Ends the track.

Thanks in advance

Did you add additional via/drill sizes to the Design Rules?

This sounds broken and is not considered normal behavior.

Yes, there are five additional via and track sizes.
Any suggestion?

Your additional via sizes are in [Design Rules Editor] > [Global Design Rules] Tab and there under ‘Custom Via Sizes’?

Yes, exactly.

  • I’ve removed and installed again, no difference.
  • Used nightly version, no difference.

Please note,
Changing via and track size in OpenGL/Cairo canvas works.
However, as I mentioned routing does not work correctly!

I’ve still got BZR6097 here and usually work in Default Canvas - no probs there. In OpenGL I can’t seem to switch via sizes as easily, dunno why, but your version of the prog is way further ahead with OpenGL, so wouldn’t expect these problems there.

In short - I’m out of wisdom. Sorry.

The default canvas works like this:

  • Right-click anywhere > Click “Select Track Width” > Pick a value like “Via xx mm, …” (they correspond to what you defined in the Design Rules). This changes the “current via size”, but has no touched any via just yet.
  • Observe the top toolbar. There is a scolling menu which shows you new “current via size”. You could have changed it there too.
  • Now right-click on any via and choose “Change Via Size and Drill” (or press ‘e’). This applies the “current via size” that you selected to this via.

Does that work for you?

There are three confusing things:

  • The “Select Track Width” menu can be used to changed via sizes also.
  • Right-clicking on a via or track will show this “Select Track Width” entry but it will act like you right-clicked anywhere else. No effect on this specific target.
  • Novice users probably expect ‘e’ to open a menu asking for a value. Not true. Some users can figure the solution because laying new tracks is a little more intuitive.

I’m not sure of what you mean here. Be aware that the OpenGL/Cairo/GAL canvas behaves differently. Correct procedure:

  • Start laying a track. Click every time you want to add a segment.
  • Press ‘v’ to show a new via. Its position is still undetermined. You should see the via following the cursor. Troubleshooting: make sure the “current via size” is reasonable, and that the cursor is positioned above a region with enough room and clearance (otherwise the via might be shown further, because it trie to avoid conflicts).
  • Now place this new via with a single click (single!). You should still be in track mode.
  • Continue laying your track. When you are done, double click.

I suppose that you clicked too many times to place the via, thereby ending the track mode.

Thanks for your reply,

1st part: you were right.

2nd part: I installed kicad 4.0.1 in Ubuntu 14.04 on the same machine (not virtual machine) and the problem does not exist. I think the problem is with mouse and display driver in OpenGL mode.

It is really odd that for the same function there are two completely different approach in a software (may be kicad had two developers without any collaboration for change/edit in each canvas!) !???


The OpenGL/Cairo/GAL canvas is a work in progress that is going to replace the legacy canvas at some point in time.