Change the default for Hotkey N in 7.99

A very recent post has reminded me of thoughts on changing the Hotkey N default.

Accidentally hitting N instead of M (for Move) can result in confusing grid problems in the Schematic Editor, especially for new Kicad users.
Yes, hotkeys are easily changed, but Kicad can be a reasonably steep learning curve for new users, and changing hotkeys is probably not high on the list of items to learn.

My suggestion is to move N to “Grid Edits” (the new name in 7.99 for part of “Grid Properties”) and use Alt + N for “Change to next Grid”.

Any thoughts, anyone?

There has been an improvement in this regard in 7.99: when you press N it shows a small windows with grid sizes, though only for half a second or so… At least there is an indication about what is happening.

Yes, agree.
The current working grid is also displayed under the work sheet, but is easily not noticed by newcomers.

This request is really designed to help new users over their initial use of Kicad. Those familiar with Kicad know, and can do, whatever they wish with hotkeys.

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