Change text size globally

Components and schematics all the text needs to be at least 1.27 mm, need to make those changes to the layout, the .kicad_pcb file. Those changes need to be made using as much of the “automation” of KiCAD as possible. Need doing it at the library component level not at the schematic level. Want to make the change once and then it always be like that for future use of the component.
Is it the way to do it globally? (for example: like you formating text size ant type in Word documents)
Or just what is the easy way to do it?

KiCad files are text so a descent text editor with regexp search and replace should do the trick.

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and if its more then 300 different text fields need to change, manually its hard even in text editor, copy-paste too much.

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That’s why I mentioned a text editor with regexp search and replace (Regular Expression)

Just did that with the standard Windows editor (open . files).
To get it when a new project is started from

  • set the settings in your current project (preferences).
  • save it to your project.
    If you now use a text editor to look at your *.pro and compare it with, you will see some lines missing in - copy these to or the template you start from. The text size is in the line with <Labsize=> (in mils).