Change symbol editor grid dimension

I am creating a pcb with an IC with a ball grid array of solder bumps on one side, going through to a 2nd similar IC on the other.
The 1st IC I have made in symbol editor and a standard grid distance of 1.27mm was correct for the device.
The 2nd IC has a non standard pad spacing which is not in the drop down list of of grid spacings.
Can I adjust the grid spacing in symbol editor so I can place the pins of the 2nd IC in the right place (for example with a 2.00 mm spacing) ?

Are you sure you are talking about the symbol editor?

Indeed, same here.

I assume you are designing a footprint in the Footprint Editor.

You can define a user grid to a custom pitch value with: Footprint Editor / View / Grid Properties…
After that you can select the User Grid which you defined from grid pulldown menu.
Here I set it to 3mm.

It also does not matter much. Each of KiCad’s sub programs ( Schematic Editor (Eeschema), Schematic Symbol Editor, Pcb Editor (Pcbnew), Footprint Editor) have a very similar way of setting the grid.
The list of grid settings is also in a configuration file somewhere. You can (I have) edit that file to make your custom favourite grid appear in the list, and also shorten the list by deleting a bunch of entries from that list.

Check out the Footprint wizards from: Footprint Editor / File / Create Footprint.

Note that the “Tab Pages” for the Pads and the Package are sometimes a bit hard to see, and them being above each other is also not so common for “tab pages”.

The parameters also have to agree with each other.
If you put in lots of rows and columns, but do not adjust the package size, then it does not fit and this wizard fails to generate a footprint.

Experiment a bit with it’s features.
After you exit the wizard, the created footprint is loaded in the footprint editor and it can be further edited before you save it.

There is a wizard for BGA packages

Gotcha thanks. I was having symbol/footprint confusion! good reply, now I more clearly know what I am trying to do and also how to do it. thanks again.

I’m happy to oblige.

For the next time:
Realize that a quick response from your side is not important.
So take your time to read it, experiment with it and then come back and report whether it works for you or if you need more help because some things are still not clear.
This keeps threads shorter and more useful for others to read when they are searching the forum for answers.

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