Change sillscreen text size of certain components

Hi guys,
I tried to change the silkscreen text size of reference designators for only some of components on my PCB. I tried that via “Edit text & Graphic Properites” menu. I tried to filter only some components via “Filter items by Parent reference designator”, but I don’t know what text separator to use for that. With only one component its work and change text size but with certain components it’s doesn’t work. Do you have idea how to use properly that filter field. I used Kicad 5.99 nightly

Hi, icpart

I am also using a nightly build. I am not sure I have all your answers but

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  2. Sometimes the exact KiCad version is important. In help-about please see where you can copy your exact version information to the clipboard, and then paste it into your post.

  3. So far as I know, you can change text size with properties by clicking on individual footprints in your pcb layout, or you can do it in the footprint library. Any other methods…may exist but off my radar screen.

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As much as I can make sense of the source code you can’t give a list there, only one string with wildcards * and ?. So you can change all R’s or all C’s but not R11 AND R12 or all C’s except C11.

A regex would fit nicely here. But I’m not sure KiCad currently includes a regex engine.

KiCommand is designed to solve this type of problem. There is a detailed example in this post: How to hide multiple designators on Silkscreen?

@icpart Let me know if you want me to provide a detailed example for your case.

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