Change schematic and make the pcb new update accordingly

I change my schematic, however when I regenerate the Netlist and open it in the pcb viewer my capacitors don’t change their numbers even though I now have less capacitors in my design. Any idea how to fix this? Thanx alot.

I assume you are running KiCad 4.0.x

In the netlist import you might need to select delete for extra footprints and change for exchange footprints.

If you have manually added footprints to the pcb, these might get deleted as well. (As they don’t have an equivalent in the schematic and are now extra footprints.)
A workaround is to lock such footprints.

In kicad nightly (which will become kicad 5) you can use the update pcb from schematic tool within the tools menu instead. (It is much more suited for the default workflow where you expect the pcb to be equal to the schematic.)


Thanks. I am indeed using version 4. That helped me although I did realize when I keep some capacitors close to one chip in my circuit, they connect to it via white lines, however when I move them away using “M” they all of a sudden draw different white lines to a second chip. Why is that? Any suggestions?

The white lines are called ratsnest lines. They show you the nearest connection between two pads of the same net. So if you move them away from one chip you move them closer to the other who has a pin at the same net then the first one.


That helped. Thank you.

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