Change Pad Origin / Snap Location

How do I change the magnetic snap location on a pad with primitives to a specific location? I.e. I have this pad and I want to snap here:

not the hole center, which is default. Is this possible? If not, can I request an origin offset feature addition? I think it would be extremely helpful, and widely used for tracks that don’t snap to a hole itself, but rather a tapered section of copper (as in this case) or other custom geometric addition to the pad.

This article details workarounds as well as the motivation for such a feature in regards to signal integrity (i.e. tapering pads is better than disjointly-wide pads) and how Kicad doesn’t have a good solution to tracing with pads too small (or geometrically offset) such that the trace won’t actually fit to the default pad origin nicely.

I -THINK- it should be easy. Edit the footprint and move the red pad so that the pointy end is at 0,0 (rather than the center of the hole being 0,0). 0,0 is the center of the X,Y blue lines.

Does that make sense?

btw - if you make a footprint for a device, the assembly Pick-n-Place will put the center of the package at 0,0 of the footprint. So don’t have the footprint at an arbitrary location.

Hi Barry,

Thanks, but that’s not quite what I’m doing. As you can sort of see behind the window in the picture, the footprint is an array of these conic pads. It’s not the origin of the footprint that I’m struggling to relocate, it’s that of the pads themselves. This is because when I’m drawing the traces on the board itself, the tool nicely snaps to each pad at the center of the hole, but it would be even nicer to snap (and register as connected) to the pointy end.

I’ll do some testing over the weekend. If you are trying to make teardrop style terminals, I suggest you search the forum for “teardrop” as there are several threads on the topic.

Just place a second smaller pad with the same pad number at the point where you want traces to attach (for SMD pads you can place the main pad there but for THT you will still need the second one to define the hole).

For examples see the library for the wuerth mounting hardware.

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