Change multiple footprints in eeschema?

In pcbnew I find the feature of changing all footprints from A -> B very useful:

However, I find nothing similar in eeschema and if I do footprint adjustment in pcbnew it will get lost if I want to do full reimport from schema with this checkbox checked:


Currently I find the usage in pcbnew so much smoother I basically never check that option, but sometimes I also do stuff in eeschema that would be nice to get into pcbnew. Is there any way to backport from pcbnew or a similar smooth way of changing footprints in eeschema that I just haven’t found?

This. Tools->Edit Symbol Fields can do almost the same. It requires the same symbol Value field, though. But you can change the order by Footprint, so you will have all the same footprints together in consecutive lines. You can copypaste the text or select the footprints with the browser.

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Thanks! That’s it, perfect!

To back annotate footprints from pcbnew to eeschema

In pcbnew:
File->Export-Footprint Association(.cmp) File…

Save the file and
In eeschema:
Icon Back, first one on the right on the top toolbar or

And cvpcb (assign footprint tool) can do multiple footprint assignments (select multiple symbols to edit and click on the new footprint. This has the benefit of using footprint filters and also offering a footprint preview (as opposed to the symbol fields editor.)

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