Change move hotkey behaviour to also stop moving component


Dear members

I’m new to KiCad. Is it possible to configure the ‘M’ hotkey to stop moving a component?
By default, clicking ‘M’ with the mouse over a component will start moving that component. But to stop moving it I need to click with the mouse.

It would be nice to be able to stop moving the component by pressing ‘M’ also, is it possible? So I would press ‘M’ to pick up a component, move it and then press ‘M’ again to stop moving it.



You can press Enter key, but it’s not as convenient.


Use the “enter” key to finish movement. i.e. “M” - move - “enter”.

In general, when using the keyboard, the “enter” key finalises the command.


The ‘enter’ key isn’t as convenient as the ‘M’ key but it’s good enough.



You can also edit the hotkeys list and change “mouse left click” to ‘N’, next to ‘M’.


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