Change mouse wheel zoom amount


Is there a way to alter the zoom change per mouse wheel increment in Eeschema and Pcbnew? It’s too high currently and I’ve failed to find a setting. In Windows Settings I can change the mouse wheel sensitivity (“Choose how many lines to scroll each time”) to the minimum which helps, but the jumps in zoom as I turn the wheel is still too large.


Short answer: No.
And some more characteres.


Some mice have driver software that configures the mouse operation based upon the program that is actively running.


I was afraid of that. I guess it’s a new feature request then.


Thanks, but the mouse driver is already set to report to KiCad/Eeschema/Pcbnew the minimum logical mouse wheel delta per physical wheel movement. KiCad’s zoom delta per logical mouse wheel delta is just too large.


In PcbNew, in the second menu bar, there is dropdown, that with a mouse scroll becomes, labeled “Zoom Auto”.

Can you click that dropdown and provide a screen grab of the values in that menu?


Sorry, I’ve been gone on vacation. Here’s the screen grab: