Change layer selected lines?


is there a way to do this ? I have hundreds of lines, I need to change their layers

thanks for your help

There is more information needed, the answer depends on:

  • the used kicad version
  • the used editor: pcb editor or footprint editor

Kicad 7.0.5 and I try to change multiple selected line segments layer in the PCB editor

two options:

  1. select lines → Edit (main menu bar) → Edit Text & graphics properties. enable checkboxes for “pcb graphic items” and “Filters: only include selected items”

  2. use properties panel:

  • View (main menu bar) → Show properties manager
  • select lines
  • use “Layer” row in properties panel to change the layer

1st one works !!
(2nd one does not, there is no properties panel when selecting more than one line)

The properties Manager is a thing you have to enable separately with PCB Editor / View / Show Properties Manager.