Change layer of track segment

I know you should not compare one program to the other but here I go. In Eagle you can change the layer of a track segment and in KiCAD you can as well. However in Eagle when you change the segment then excessive VIAs are removed and required VIAs are added to keep the track electrically connected end-to-end. Is there such an option in KiCAD.

OK, accepted, but why do you do it anyway?
Different programs work in different ways. Each has it’s strong and weak sides.
If you ask less for a specific function, and more about the goal you want to reach you have better chances in getting useful answers, and in learning to use KiCad effectively.

A good alternative for what you may want is use of the interactive router. If you draw a new track from A to B (via another layer) then the Interactive router deletes the old path.

This might be doable with a python script (if anybody is interested in making it).

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