Change layer of multiple selected items in footprint editor

Title says it all. Seems like something I could find by searching here and google but 15 minutes in, no dice. Kind of boils down to two questions really:

  1. I have some lines drawn on the F.Fab layer, I want to copy them in place and have the copy be in the F.SilkS layer so I can see them in real life. Is there a quick way to do that?

  2. More generally, how do I change the layer of a bunch of selected geometry.


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I am not aware of such a feature. You could check the bugtracker if it has already been requested. (I would suspect it has) If not make a new wishlist bug for it.

However i question that you can really have the same graphics on a documentation layer and on the silk layer. The silk layer is meant to be printed on the pcb and has a lot more constrains than the documentation layer which will only be printed to paper (if it will be even printed at all.) For example you do not want silk above a pad, but your fab outline can be.

Also you typically have the nominal outline on the fab layer. But you want your silk layer to be fully outside of the parts body. Especially for smallish smd components as having silk below the part can increase production problems.

As Rene said, there’s no such feature. In the future the so called object inspector (or property editor) may fulfill that purpose. See the KiCad donation campaign video, from 0:37 onwards (after changing the video speed setting to 0.25) and you can see what I mean. It’s really something to look forward to.

Until then it would be doable with a python script, but I’m not aware of existence of such a script.

For single line segments, you can use “Ctrl+d” to duplicate, then “e” to edit and change the layer the item is on.

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