Change kicad color schemes

Hi all,
any help how to change color schemes?
Find this at github:

running KiCad under Win10 x64,I do something wrong any help from you be helpfull…
Best regards

Quoting from the link you provided:

How to use a colour theme.

Every theme directory contains the colour definition parts of the eeschema and pcbnew setup files found in your personal profile.

For Linux under ~.config/kicad/
Windows XP: “C:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data” + kicad (= %APPDATA%\kicad)
Windows Vista & later: “C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming” + kicad (= %APPDATA%\kicad)
OSX: The user’s home directory + /Library/Preferences/kicad

Use a text editor to overwrite the relevant sections with the data found in the files in this folder. Make sure you create a backup first.

The pcbnew config file content has been split into the sections responsible for the footprint editor and the one for pcbnew. This is done to allow you to more easily mix and match different schemes for different tools.

my problem is how to use text editor,just copy files here:
“C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming” + kicad (= %APPDATA%\kicad)
already buckup previous files,how the text editor?

In windows you will need to use notepad (a text editor included with Windows) and with it open the mentioned files, you will then insert the text of the color scheme that you want to use.


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ok,find it…
there are many files to insert…which one each time for echema or pcbvew?

If you wanted to use the behave-dark theme:

  • You open in Notepad (the text editor) the eeschema file from your system

  • Copy the text lines from the URL:

SchematicFrameGridColor=rgb(132, 132, 132)
Color4DWireEx=rgb(141, 210, 114)
Color4DBusEx=rgb(68, 135, 170)
Color4DConnEx=rgb(141, 210, 114)
Color4DLLabelEx=rgb(68, 135, 170)
Color4DHLabelEx=rgb(195, 174, 114)
Color4DGLabelEx=rgb(196, 108, 45)
Color4DPinNumEx=rgb(196, 98, 107)
Color4DPinNameEx=rgb(102, 150, 150)
Color4DFieldEx=rgb(120, 101, 150)
Color4DReferenceEx=rgb(166, 131, 225)
Color4DValueEx=rgb(102, 150, 150)
Color4DNoteEx=rgb(68, 135, 170)
Color4DBodyEx=rgb(196, 98, 107)
Color4DBodyBgEx=rgb(81, 60, 86)
Color4DNetNameEx=rgb(202, 202, 202)
Color4DPinEx=rgb(196, 98, 107)
Color4DSheetEx=rgb(133, 111, 165)
Color4DSheetFileNameEx=rgb(133, 111, 165)
Color4DSheetNameEx=rgb(102, 150, 150)
Color4DSheetLabelEx=rgb(196, 122, 79)
Color4DNoConnectEx=rgb(149, 219, 223)
Color4DErcWEx=rgb(226, 163, 52)
Color4DErcEEx=rgb(200, 68, 85)
Color4DGridEx=rgb(132, 132, 132)
Color4DBgCanvasEx=rgb(35, 41, 50)
Color4DBrighenedEx=rgb(201, 169, 249)
Color4DBrightenedEx=rgb(201, 169, 249)
LibeditFrameGridColor=rgb(132, 132, 132)
ViewlibFrameGridColor=rgb(132, 132, 132)
Color4DCursorEx=rgb(211, 211, 211)
Color4DHiddenEx=rgb(194, 194, 194)
Color4DWorksheetEx=rgb(211, 211, 211)
  • And paste them in the Notepad (at the end of the file should be fine).

Then repeat the procedure for the pcbnew file with the text from the pcbnew URL:


works fine der.ule…
thanks for your time that you spend for me …
regards Dinos

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