Change color of pcb in 3 model export / viewer

Is there a way to have the 3d model generated of my board and components have a black pcb (as an example) rather than the standard green?

I think you will get your answer here: 3D PCB Viewer Features | KiCad EDA
You have to use the ‘choose color’ option as shown in the video embedded in the above link’s video. It shows how to change the PCB’s color. However, some considerations regarding the performance of the PCB should be done while choosing solder mask color: PCB color - Engineering Technical - PCBway

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Interesting, I’m not seeing that Preferences → Preferences submenu in Kicad 7 like I am seeing in the animated gif video.

From 7.0.1

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thank you that worked. Also, is there anyway to get the top layer silk screen to show up on a 3D export? I get all the parts and board but none of the silk screen that you see in the 3D view?

Hi, have a read of this thread: Kicad 7 - STEP export including tracks - #4 by okelk and the other thread mentioned in there also. (basically the suggestion is to use FreeCAD and import the silkscreen & tracks if you want them)

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