Change color of locked item highlighting

So this was already asked once here but it did’t help me…also I’m already using Version 8.

I like that there’s a visual distiction of locked items. but I find the bright pink quite distracting especially when routing tracks under a footprint that is locked.

  • Is there a way to turn off highlighting for locked items?
  • where can I change this color?

thank you!

In the Appearance panel → Objects tab. Locked Item Shadow.

To expand on eelik’s answer, the eye icon will show/hide the shadow, and clicking on the color swatch lets you change the color and opacity.

This changes the color in your color theme, which needs to be writeable. The default themes are read-only so you need to make a copy (preferences → pcb editor → colors. You can also just edit the shadow color in that preferences colors page.

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Corrected typo in heading.

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Thank’s a lot! - It seems like this setting is at all the logigal places …don’t know why I couldn’t find it…

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