Certain schematics not showing up in project manager

Dear Kicad community.

I have been using KiCad for a while now, but recently after renaming individual files etc on a project.
Some of the .sch files do not show up on my project manager window.

All the .sch files and the main .pro file is contained in the same folder. But only my main file, for instance.

example.pro and example.sch show up on my project manager, despite I have logic.sch and power.sch placed in the same folder, used as sub-sheets in example.sch.

Any of you, that can tell me how I can add these files to the project manager, so they show up on the left panel?

Thank you in advance.

Sincerely JEOA

Well even though the sub-sheets are not shown on the project manager, I can still enter them, and change the circuits in the sub-sheets.

As far as I can see, they have the same names. So that doesn’t differ.

But thank you very much for your suggestion, I really appreciate it.

Before I changed the names of the project and different .sch files, they all showed up though.
So that might be a bug, or you think of something different. :slight_smile:

I understand and confirm what @Andy_P says.

The exact behaviour of the project manager file list (picture below) is that it will only show .sch files if they contain a line like this:
Sheet 1 5
It means “this file is sheet one out of five” (my project has 4 subsheets). Sheets 2, 3, 4, etc will be ignored.

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This means that you must start editing a hierarchical sheet via the root sheet. This may be necessary behaviour


I have similar situation.
Sub-sheet row_shiftReg_photoInterrupt.sch is listed in the project manager and other sub-sheets are not listed in the project manager (see screen shot).
Is there a way to list other sub-sheets in project manager as well?

Why would project manager list one sub-sheet and not the others?
(all sub-sheets are accessible from the root sheet)