Cern's new router in KiCad


I’m running Windows 8.1, 64-bit and I’ve built KiCad using KiCAD WinBuilder. I’m having version “Build (2014-08-23 BZR 5092”, so that’s “bleeding edge”. That one should already contain CERN’s addidtions to PcbNew, since this video says the newest functionality should be available from version 4874+ onwards.

However, after selecting “Switch Canvas to OpenGL” from the “View” menu in PcbNew, I’m not getting the “Interactive Routing Settings” popup menu when I right-click.

Has someone already been able to use that feature in a self-builded KiCad version through KiCAD WinBuilder?

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You will have to click on the “Add tracks and vias” button to start routing.

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I had this problem too!

Once you start routing like @madworm says, you also need to hit the “E” hotkey (or right click for a context menu) and it will pull up that menu. It defaults to the “Walk Around” function and I wanted to find the “push and shove” function.