Ceramic Capacitor Voltage Effect

A 10 minute video that explains MLCC capacitance in relation to applied voltage:

ON EDIT: And why package/footprints matter/affect the calculated results of values entered into the schematic.

I hope you enjoy the video!

ON EDIT 2: Bump!

Some other neat tricks on this video, such as the plated through holes to be used as test points with clipper thingies…


I caught some errors. He says that the length and width of a 0201 is 0.2 x 0.1 inches. That would be a 2010 chip, not a 0201 chip. Then he says that the length limits the height so that the chip does not fall over during pick and place. It would be the width that limits the height.

But the overall takeaway is valid. I have used Murata Simsurfing for a long time. Nice tool. Ceramic capacitor voltage coefficient is a big deal. So is ceramic capacitor aging…

Z5U and Y5V dielectrics are much worse than X5R. I try to avoid them altogether.

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