CentOS compatibility

As CERN has adopted CentOS and CERN now supplies development resources to KiCad, how soon can we expect a simple, smooth uncomplicated KiCad installation on CentOS Linux?

Which version CentOS? Old versions such as 5 and 6 are problematic because the libraries are usually too old, because CentOS prioritises stability over up to date libraries. There the only solution may be to use a snap pack or similar or virtual machine. I don’t know about 7 and beyond, I left the workforce before I had to deal much with those releases.

Remember that CentOS is primarily a server distro, so desktop apps are not as well supported. That said, I once maintained CentOS desktop machines for a company running Cadence and related software because RHEL was what the suite was certified for.

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I’m afraid you mistook CERN’s use of CentOS with CERN’s involvement in KiCad. One has nothing to do with the other. CERN KiCad devs use Ubuntu, Arch, Windows and occasionally OSX :slight_smile:


I’d recommend to use Fedora. It’s very similar to CentOS (just a little bit more modern) and supports KiCad quite well. (There are some minor limitations when running with Wayland, though)

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