Centering board on PDF output

Usually when I create a PCB design, I put the origin at a point that best matches a corresponding mechanical design, which is often the dead center of the PCB but can literally be anywhere.

The problem is that, when I want to create a PDF of the board for documentation purposes, the origin of the board becomes the top left of the PDF, which means only part of the board is output to the PDF.

I can’t seem to find a way to center the board on the PDF output. Am I overlooking anything or is such an option not present in KiCAD?

It’s one of the historical missing features that have not been fixed yet. I guess your best workaround is to do it in a two step process. First export the PCB layers you want to .SVG or .dxf format and then post process them in some graphical program, or import them in a word processor or DTP program.

In the mean time I figured that, when I use the “print” function, the PCB is centered on the page. I can select “print to PDF” which works fine :slightly_smiling_face: