CAUTION: Getting SPAM via PMs from

I’ve received two PM notifications via my registered e-mail address which are SPAM (and likely PHISHING). The senders were “Sumeru digital” and “bhagyashree sarwad” and they both contained this text:

Hi, looking at your query, I think you have purchased a new laptop.
Did you check about the quality standards?
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Either they were already deleted or there is something strange going on. I get a hit on the “Sumeru” and they seem to have 2 accounts with the same sign up IP and identical spam bios.

Can you invite me to that message so I can see the texts?

Assuming that the sender is not forged

I deleted two of those posts + user accounts without mercy.


Sometimes you’ll see more than one account from the same IP. Those can go too.

Can you invite me to that message so I can see the texts?


I cannot see the PMs anymore, perhaps because eelik removed them.

If you PM an e-mail address, I can forward the notification e-mails which contain (I think) the entire PM contents.


I flagged one of those yesterday while Europe and US were tucked up in bed.

Very few users have fixed IPs these days
Asian ISPs are very short of IPv4 addresses, so many users will appear dynamically from the same IP address on different port numbers.
This has caused me to be barred from sites before when signup software detected this without understanding why it happens.

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