Catalex micro sd card module

Does anyone have symbol and footprint for the catalex micro sd card module.

The module mentioned is a pre-made breakout board:

The chance of such tings being in KiCad is not big.
Interface to the PCB is however just a simple single row 6 pin header.

There are some symbols for SD-cards in Eeschema:

These are however meant for bare connectors, so pinout does not match an you have to change that yourself.

KiCad has both a program for making Schematic Symbols and for making Footprints, and both programs work very similar to the other programs in KiCad. Its really easy to make custom footprints once you’ve done it a few times.


… good to learn how to make your own parts.

One item you’ll need is a .Step or .Wrl file.

I made one to represent the few different brands of micro-sdCard’s I use. Exact geometry is a bit different from the one you posted and not very detailed but, otherwise it should suit your needs.

I usually use them in a Horizontal position and I don’t bother to Label pins other than numbers…

Attached is the .Step file (preferred over .Wrl).
Images attached for amusement and others to criticize.

• Draw a Shape on the Silk layers (and Courtyard if desired). Add six Pads.
• Draw a Shape in schematic…
• Associate the .Step to the footprint

micro_sdCard.step (131.3 KB)

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