Castelated holes rendering in 3D view

Hi, I think it would be nice nice if the Edge.Cuts layer cut through any object in 3D rendering.

This would allow correct rendering of castellated plated holes

This picture show the rendering problem

Or maybe I’m not doing it the right way.

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Even high end CAD software produce same result (Altium up to v16). This makes it possible to correctly align some mechanical parts which doesn’t necessarily sit completely onboard (heat sink for example, some metal brackets, …).

That’s a good point.
Let’s say it should cut PCB-related objects (copper, silk, etc.) or at least have the opportunity to do so.
And after all, wouldn’t it be awesome if Kicad produced a better result than other “high-end CAD software”?

Hi @pcdwarf!
It would be awesome! It is a long time requested feature, as it is already in the wishlist.
If some one could develop that feature…
Maybe there is some reason that could help explain why that high-end CAD softwares don’t have it yet too.

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