Cartouche version 5.1.0

Bonjour à tous,
Je ne sais comment supprimer le cartouche, pour moi c’est plus une gène qu’une utilité quand on est pas là pour du professionnel. Je n’ai pas trouvé quel option permet de l’enlever (schema et pcb)
Merci pour votre aide.

It can only be suppressed at the printing stage. It cannot be suppressed on the screen.

Thank you for the answer, but it seemed to me that in older versions it was possible … I must be wrong.
Is there not a roundabout way to do it?

You kind of reduced your audience by using non english in an international forum so be prepared that a simple topic can take weeks to be resolved :wink: (You seem to be able to write english -> Use that to make your first post readable to others.)

Ok, sorry, thanks. I think it’s solved (or partially)

In Pcbnew, it can be hidden (but not removed) in Layer manager toolbar / Items / Worksheet. This also applies to Gerbview.


Thank you very much for this help.

Sure, but all the worksheet, margins + title block, not only the title block as I deduced from the question.

I’m not sure what the OP meant with “cartouche”, but if you want to keep the margins and remove the title block, simply make your own custom worksheet that doesn’t include the title block and select that new worksheet in the page properties. (The same worksheet can be used in EESchema as in PCBnew, but you will have to specify it in both programs. I’m not sure about GerbView.) Note, you can have some features in your custom worksheet visible on only the first page. (You might also have features only visible on all-but-first sheet, but I’m not sure.) I use the “only on the first page” setting in my custom worksheet for my logo.

Thank you all for these recommendations.
At the moment I did not touch anything (lack of time) but I put under your remarks and possibilities.
I find it just a pity that the designers are not thinking of an ON / OFF button for this as in Eagle (which is is highly recognized professionally)
It’s not vital, it bothers me to see it during my work on the screen, I have an impression of reduced dimensions that I can not exceed. It’s true, I do not like limits and I do not impose, while I’m imposed by software makes me uncomfortable (I am incorrigible).
I’m a developer, and I know it does not take much to create an on / off button for this thing.
Thanks again to all.

You can always select A0 page. It is not what you want, I know it only push the title block further.

Ok, thanks for all, I will see to test that.

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