Capacitors types

Does anyone know what is the best type op capacitors, please?

There is no “best”. It all depends on your application. Anyone would need a LOT more information on your application.

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That’s exactly what I was thinking, very vague and needs to be very specific. I have run into this question on my own a lot here lately. “What type of capacitor do I use for X application?” And the truth is. there’s not necessarily even a good answer for the more specific question. I have found, for example, that even something as basic as input and output caps for voltage regulators will be recommended differently by different manufacturers.

True. It depends on the size needed. For my boards (small electronics 5v less than 1 amp), I generally use X7R ceramic for decoupling and, where it fits, NP0 aka C0G (sometimes referred to as NPO/COG.

Yeah the type of capacitor is dependant on the application. Is it decoupling, filtering, bulk storage, etc?

Ceramic for decoupling, and some filtering. Electrolytic for cheap bulk storage, and tantalum for better storage for power hungry components. Polyester or mica for filtering. And this for ELV and some LV. These are my hard and fast rules, and do not apply for all circumstances - certainly not that applicable for HV etc

Fluxcapacitors, I believe @1.21Gigawatts knows more about this


Because some chips need low impedance at RF like multilayer ceramic and others need a non zero ESR for stability, recommending aluminium or tantalum (often low drop or negative voltage parts)

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