Capacitor_SMD footprints missing?


Working on my first soldering project sorry for the nooby questions. I got my schematic all sorted out but now I’m having trouble setting footprints.

I’m using cvpcb but when I need to associate a capacitor to a 0805 hand soldering cap footprint there is none on the list. Here’s a screen shot.

They are there in the GitHub directory, but recently renamed

You don’t show the full window. Why?
There are filter settings that might be the problem.

It seems you use the symbol for polarized capacitors. Then you would use tantal caps. These are given in metric units.
Library: Capacitors_Tantalum_smd
And i want to see the 100 micro farad capacitor in 0805 package. is it possible you meant nano farad?

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Correction for my remark on the capacitor value:
I just looked at farnell for a 100 micro farad tantal capacitor. Yes they are available in 0805 package.
Even ceramic caps are available in 0805 with 100 micro farad.
All of them have a voltage limit of 6.3V.

If you use a larger package you have more options.

The right-most pane shows that all the options presented are “Capacitors_SMD:CP_xxxxx”

The CP_ prefix refers to polarized capacitors, it appears that the filters you are using are filtering out all the non-polarized footprints.

I would check that you’re using a non-polarized capacitor symbol:


I need to use polarized caps for my design. Are there no 0805 polarized caps (16v)?

Sorry I’m a scrub.
Thanks for all your help guys!

0805 tantalums exist eg
but they are more likely called 2012-12 Size R package
(not as big as 100uF either)

There are but the important part is your desired capacity. 100 micro farad is a very large capacity. I think the highest capacity i ever used on a pcb is about 10 micro farad.

But without knowing your use case we can not know if you really need such large capacitors. (Remember: large capacitors switch to inductive behavior at lower frequencies.)