Capacitor / resistor pspice symbols massive

I’m running a recent nightly and have noticed that the basic symbols for resistor capacitor and inductor are now only in the pspice library. This is fine, however the symbols are huge, about twice the size of the old ones.

Does anyone know if there is any reason they are this big?

The device.lib ( still has the R_small, R, C and C_small symbols.

But because the Symbols in the pspice lib are named the same as the ones in the device lib they are the symbols shown in eeschema.
(eeschema uses the symbol name as an identifier and only takes the first symbol of a given name.)

If you want to use the symbols from the device lib make sure that the device lib comes before the pspice lib.
open the preferneces->component libraries within eeschema and move the entry for device.lib above the pspice lib. Or remove pspice lib altogether if you don’t need it. (use the up/down buttons to achieve this.)

ok, that makes sense. Thanks