Can't wire large single TH pad footprint

I have made a single through plated pad footprint with a 4.2mm hole so I can bolt connections to my pcb using M4 nuts and screws. However, when I come to lay the board out I can’t run tracks to/from this footprint. Any help in solving this problem would be appreciated.

An often used solution: use a 1-pin symbol (e.g. MountingHole with a pin) in the schematic, attach the footprint to it and update the pcb from schematic.

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I had this exact same problem when trying to wire a TE connector downloaded from one of the library sites. whenever i tried to connect the track would deflect off the pin like a force field. it turns out that hidden under some silkscreen the person that created the footprint placed a board cut around some of the pins. no idea why they did this. anyway, dug through the layers, found this board cut, deleted, and all is now well. go figure.

There is also a known bug wiht one of the older version, where you are not able to come close to arcs on the outline, not a problem if in version v5.1.5-3

There may be a bug, but my problem with the footprint was yesterday with v5.1.5-3. My point to the original poster was that there could be hidden things wrong with the footprint that will prevent connection.

I made a similar Hole footprint - it works and I use it in projects (4.0mm).

KiCad 5.1.5-0

Screenshots below show:
Made from the Pad tool with setting as shown.
Started from scratch so, no hidden stuff left by others.
Has Silkscreen and F_Courtyard with 4.x mm diam.
Pad is on Bottom (Back) layer.
Various screenshots show details… Click to expand the view…

[EDIT] Added wire with a Terminal…

Connected the Pad to a Jumper-Wire Pad (copper on Back Layer)…

Many thanks to you all for your help and advice, it is much appreciated.
I have now solved the problem by changing the symbol to a single pin.

Had you noticed that there already quite a few mounting hole symbols and footprints in the standard library? They are offered in plated and non-plated versions, with vias in the annular ring or not, etc.

Hi kpfleming,

Thanks for the info., I was not aware of of that, it will be a great help going forward.
I am new to pcb layout and KiCAD and am having to learn fast as I have to get boards done for next week (thrown in at the deep end as they say).

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