Can't wire component to header in pcbnew


Im designing a board with an esp8266, and wanted to surround it of some female headers to be able to if needed debug or add more capabilities to the board, but i cant wire any pin from the component to the headers. It looks like if it is not in the ratsnesst i cant wire it, so I’ve tried to add a header on eeschema, but cant find any symbol. Any idea on how to “force” this conection?

vertical row to the left is my esp8266 component, vertical row at the right is the pin header
the blue arrows show which connections I want to make

Thanks for reading

There are lots of matrix connector symbols in the eeschema library.

yep, found them as connectors, was trying to find it by “header” or “pin header”, but when searching connector found them, thank you so much

Glad you found them! In the future a quick search on the forum could be useful too; the link I pasted was one of the first results for ‘pin header’ in a forum search.

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