Can't view netlist with texteditor in windows 7

I am running windows 7 and when I try to view netlist or any other file I get a message from notepad that path is not correct.

However, in winows xp I can view the netlist.

Also I can’t see these files with explorer.


I am guessing you’re trying to open the file from the project window right?
While in main Kicad project window, go to Preferences>Set Text Editor and then search for your preferred text editor .exe file. If you have none installed, the standard notepad lives in C:\Windows\system32\notepad.exe
But please make yourself favor and download something better than notepad, for example Notepad++.


Thanks for your reply.

I had already set the preferred texteditor in preferences.

But somehow the path to notepad.exe can’t be found in windows 7. I also tried other texteditors like crimson editor with the same result.

However, in XP I do not have this error and can access for instance the netlist.

It’s causing me a headache.

What do you mean by this? The notepad.exe isn’t there in system32 folder?