Can't see vias on gerbers?

Just completed my first KiCad board. Indeed the first in many years, now just as a hobby.

Anyway I plotted the gerbers and reviewing the prior to zipping them up and getting them off to JCLPCB for fab. I noticed that the 150 odd vias I placed to stitch the the two ground planes top and bottom are no where to be seen? I would have thought these would have been visible on F Cu and B Cu layers?

I am using KiCad 5 and to stitch the layers together I simply selected vias positioned the vias over the appropriate location to stitch and placed them as a solid via. All looks fine, KiCad 5 never complained I was doing anything it wouldn’t let me and on the 3D viewer all was as expected, so I believe I have correctly placed the vias manually?

Am I missing something bleeding obvious? Are the part of the drill file? I am seeing a “Dxx” indentifier, which I suspect is it, I am expecting to see a round via pad profile?

Yes, vias are only copper in the copper layer, they can’t be normally seen if they are inside a copper pour. They are visible in the drill file. But you should be able to see them if you play with the different fill mode options in the gerbview left side toolbar.


Thanks eelik…appreciate the prompt and positive response. :+1::+1:

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