Can't reroute an imported PCB


I’m trying to bring some modification to a layout imported from Eagle. I could delete some traces, but I’m unable to reroute them. If I click the routing wire tool, the track, destination point, etc, get highlighted (or
the rest of the circuit dimmed), but clicking on what I want to pull a track from simply doesn’t work. I suppose I’m not the first one facing this problem, so can anybody give me some hints? Is there something to unlock?


Most likely you are trying to route a trace that is too thick or your clearance settings in DRC config are too high.


Hello Qu1ck!
Right, that was the problem. Thanks a lot. As a new feature, a popup window or some kind of additional feedback would be great, but I agree that once you know it…


It tells you in the status bar when there are such errors during routing…