Can't open KiCad Project?

Hi all!

I have created my project using KiCad 6, and trying to open the project in KiCad 5.1.7. Is taht eaven possible?

I have a ide that I might not have saved things the right way. Saved my own footprint and symbole global insted of project.

I zipeddown the project and can now not open.

How do I save my own symbole and footprint so I can open my project somwhere els. Is it eaven possible betwen 6 and 5?

Regards Jacob!

No. File formats have changed. Go all the way with 6.

I see!

Dam win 7 work komputer.

But can you any way tell me how to save a project, and save the footprint and symbole the corect way?

Edit the title of this thread and provide more details so that more people will answer. But in general you should save symbols and footprints you created to your own libraries. Saving them to the system libraries is a bad idea.

Using your OS make copies of your personal symbol & footprint libraries.
Open kicad 6 and go to Preferences / Manage Symbol Libraries / Select Global / Select “+” then add the copies of your symbol libraries to the bottom of the list. You can navigate to those libraries with the black Icon.
Finally, click the “migrate libraries” button.

Repeat everything for Footprint libraries except Migrate Libraries as there is no migrate button

Big thank you will try that.

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