Can't open a schematic file

Hi I am posting a schemetic drawing file, I am not able to open.
It’s says it is not appear to be a Eeschema file.
what is wrong with this file? I am using V6.0.5. te file may have been created in a older version.

(kicad_sch (version 20211123) (generator eeschema)

(uuid 34577d59-b5c7-47e2-8be1-74224b571bda)

(paper “A4”)

(title “IB”)
(date “2022-09-16”)
(rev “1.0”)
(company “Andersen”)

That looks like a 5.99 Nightly (pre V6.0.0) to me
Please try updating to V6.0.9 as some import bugs have been fixed

Don’t know which version been used to create this file. But i will give a try with the latest build.
Thank you.

I just checked a 6.0 schematic of mine and the start is exactly like this, all the way up to 6.0.9 files.
Nightly 6.99 has a different date in the first line

That’s wierd. Then something else could be wrong with this file. But it seems to be complete file to me. Anyway do you know, what other syntex the Kicad looking to determine it is as a Eeschema file?

What is the file extension? If it’s .sch, it may be treating it as a 5.1 file and trying to convert it. If that’s the case rename the extension to .kicad_sch.