Can't modify mystery fat purple trace

Hi. I have come upon a bizarre artifact that I don’t know how to deal with on my PCB, or how it got there, but it’s in my way, because it’s now bridging multiple neighboring traces.

I can delete everything around the fat purple trace, just not the fat purple trace itself.

I’ve created a project version where I DID delete the entire PCB, leaving only the fat purple trace, and I just don’t know how to modify, fix, or remove it.

You can download that sample project here:

And here’s a picture of it with the menu when I right-click it.

I’d really appreciate some guidance here, and thank you!


Try checking the box in lower right for “locked items”?


Wow…then I get this message, but if I click Override Locks, I can delete it!
Yay! Thank you!

So, does the Purple mean it’s “locked”, or does it mean something else, like it’s encroaching on all of its neighboring traces or something?

How weird!

Not sure about that answer. I am using 6.0. Glad we have progress, though! :slight_smile:

Yes, the purple outline is the “locked item shadow."

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You “lock and unlock” with a right click to the “Selection” menu or hotkey L (toggles Lock on and off).

“Bizarre Purple” can be toggled on and off from inside “Objects” in the “Appearance” menu, or the color may be changed to “Subtle Green”, “Delightful Beige” or whatever else you fancy if you wish. :grin:

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In addition to this, have a close look at the selection filter in the lower right corner of the PCB editor.

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