Cant load Digi key library

When generating netlist i want to load the Digi-key footprint library which ive downloaded from their website but kicad says the library is invalid. Also ive already used the symbol library and its working perfectly fine. Im stuck here trying to figure out if theres some bug with the library or am i doing smth wrong.

What version of KiCad are you using - is it a development 5.99 version or a 5.1.x series?

Im using 4.0.7 as im watcing the digi-key tutorial on youtube.

KiCad V4.0.7 is quite old:

If I look at digikey’s repo @github it also seems to be for KiCad V5:

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Well I figured it is , but wanted to get into some basics before going for latest versions. Thx for the help tho much appriciated.

4.0.7 is pretty ancient and there have been a huge number of bug fixes and improvements since then. The DigiKey footprints are certainly compatible with 5.1.x, I thought they were OK with 4.x but I am not completely certain. How did you download them - it is possible they were corrupted in the download? Personally, I would update to 5.1.9 and look at the newer DigiKey videos which include the changes introduced by 5.

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