Can't import netlist to pcbnew

I’ve made my schematic and linked footprints to it via cvpcb. If I go into the footprint library manager, all my module libraries are there (in both pcbnew and cvpcb), but when I import my netlist I get an error for every footprint. Am I missing something? The last time I imported a netlist it worked fine, but that was with an earlier build: have things changed? I noticed that the button for cvpcb is missing in the initial KiCad dialog: is it being removed?

I’m running BZR5993 on OS X Yosemite.

The workflow has changed. After you set footprints in cvpcb, go back to eeschema and export the netlist again.

You don’t have to export it twice, actually - you just have to export it after cvpcb. cvpcb now sends the footprint associations back to eeschema instead of forward to pcbnew via a cmp file (the cmp files are gone now except for back-annotation from pcbnew to eeschema).

Thanks, that solved my problem :slight_smile: