Can't hover and click "M" to move in schematic in 6!

This is a major bummer. One problem I’m having is trying to move the power rails unit of an IC after it has been placed. It seems impossible to make it “glow” with a single click once it’s placed. I have to draw a box around it to move it. In previous versions you could simply hover over something and click M and it would be moveable but they have removed this in 6, which I don’t understand why.

Can we get that functionality back?

Works for me (latest 6.99, Win11). Sometimes you have to click on the canvas to bring eeschema in focus.

Preferences menu → Preferences…CommonEditing → uncheck First hotkey selects tool

Doesn’t make a difference, at least not for for ‘M’ or ‘G’.

I don’t have that option on OSX version…

Thanks straubm… yeah clicking the background first to get the focus seemed to make it work.

If I go to move something and then change my mind and hit ESC, the system “thinks” for a long time. Seems buggy. This is on a brand new M1 Macbook Pro so the computer is surely not the issue haha!

Interestingly, that checkbox does not seem to have any effect for any tool I have tried. It used to have an effect. I will investigate further and open a bug if needed.

Sure, I was wondering as well…

@devinw What’s your version?

The option is here:

But I think I’m being dumb and the option actually does something else :slight_smile: . Please disregard me

In any case what you’re describing works fine for me, so it seems like maybe there’s a bug that’s making it unreliable…

I think I confused myself somewhere along the line. The checkbox has an effect with tools that don’t work on a selection, like W (wire) or L label. OP’s situation should Just Work :tm:

please disregard me :slight_smile:

Aha, makes sense. Disregarded as requested :slight_smile:

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I’m on 6.0.0-0 on OSX Monterrey

Hover + M is indeed working when the window is focused so that was my initial problem.

Anyone else notice the significant lag and “swirling color wheel” when you select some parts and then hit esc? The delay is 2-3 seconds for me. Very chunky. Would be nice to clear that up.

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