Can't get Block Selection Mirroring to Work (v4.0.5)

Hi all, I must be losing it because I know I did it on my old computer with a previous version of KiCad… when I select a block of components in PCBnew and right click I only have “Place, Copy, Flip, Rotate, Delete Block” as options… I am sure there was a Mirror option before, I even recall the icon. I tried using the keyboard shortcuts too (Shift+Left Click Select, and also Select + “Y”), but nothing. Any suggestions??

I doubt there was ever a “mirror” option in pcbnew, but if there was it was removed for good reason. You cannot mirror on a PCB without changing the footprints and rendering your circuit unmanufacturable. Schematic editor has mirror, though.

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Maybe that’s where you have used it before…

Another possibility would be that “Flip” has been called “Mirror” in the old versions of kicad. (In eagle it is called mirror.)

Flip is a better name.

Thanks everyone, I guess I was just imagining it at some point… @c4757p makes sense about not being able to mirror in the pcbnew interface; however I think it would be a nice feature if DRC is turned off that it become available for cases where you are just freehanding the board traces & fills w/o a schematic… though I suppose those are also rare occurrences!