Can't find V6 library files

Hi, first time here. Had V5.1 installed, upgraded to V6 and now can’t find symbol, footprint, etc files. The paths seem to be OK, but V6 seems to be looking for V5-ish file names for the individual files. What did I miss? :slight_smile: This is on Linux Mint, LTS edition, xfce flavor.
Bill Martin

Welcome. Did you also install the library packages? Upgrading a v5 installation might not install (symbol/footprint/3D model) library packages. See the official installation instructions for Ubuntu Install on Ubuntu | KiCad EDA where it uses --install-recommends.

If you reinstall with those library packages, then also delete the directory ~/.config/kicad/6.0 before firing up KiCad for the first time so that it will set up the library tables correctly.

Excellent. Deleting old directory was what I needed, at least I can fumble around as before now! Thank you very much.

I’m also on Mint, and for me it installed all the packages I needed.
If something went wrong on your install, you can also install different parts manually.
Start with opening an terminal window, and then:

paul@cezanne:~$ apt search kicad
i   kicad                                     - Electronic schematic and PCB design software        
p   kicad-common                              - Old common files used by kicad - Transitional Packag
p   kicad-dbg                                 - Debug symbols for kicad                             
i A kicad-demos                               - Common files used by kicad                          
p   kicad-doc-ca                              - Kicad help files (Catalan)                          
p   kicad-doc-de                              - Kicad help files (German)                           
i A kicad-doc-en                              - Kicad help files (English)                          
p   kicad-doc-es                              - Kicad help files (Spanish)                          
p   kicad-doc-fr                              - Kicad help files (French)                           
p   kicad-doc-id                              - Kicad help files (Indonesian)                       
p   kicad-doc-it                              - Kicad help files (Italian)                          
p   kicad-doc-ja                              - Kicad help files (Japanese)                         
p   kicad-doc-pl                              - Kicad help files (Polish)                           
p   kicad-doc-ru                              - Kicad help files (Russian)                          
p   kicad-doc-zh                              - Kicad help files (Chinese)                          
i A kicad-footprints                          - Kicad footprints (modules)                          
p   kicad-its-files                           - Its file used to build KiCad on old distros         
i A kicad-libraries                           - KiCad meta-package for deps to all libraries        
i   kicad-nightly                             - Electronic schematic and PCB design software        
p   kicad-nightly-dbg                         - Debug symbols for kicad                             
i   kicad-nightly-demos                       - Kicad demo projects                                 
i   kicad-nightly-footprints                  - Kicad footprints (modules)                          
i A kicad-nightly-libraries                   - KiCad meta-package for deps to all libraries        
i A kicad-nightly-packages3d                  - Kicad packages3d (3d models for footprints)         
i A kicad-nightly-symbols                     - Kicad symbols (schematic)                           
i A kicad-nightly-templates                   - Kicad templates                                     
i A kicad-packages3d                          - Kicad packages3d (3d models for footprints)         
i A kicad-symbols                             - Kicad symbols (schematic)                           
i A kicad-templates                           - Kicad templates                                     
p   libglm-kicad-dev                          - C++ library for OpenGL GLSL type-based mathematics  
p   libglm-kicad-doc                          - documentation for the OpenGL Mathematics (GLM) libra
p   libngspice-kicad                          - Library (shared) for ngspice. Used by kicad         
p   libngspice-kicad-doc                      - Doc for library (shared) for ngspice. Used by kicad 

The i in the first column is an indication that that part is installed. I think the captital A in the second column means “automatic”, and is set if it is installed as a part of a bigger package.

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