Can't find a Copy & Paste

I have done a search and I cannot find anything about C&P while you’re creating a schematic. It’s equivalent to a Step & Repeat function.

Created a small schematic and put some parts on it. This particular schematic has 4 channels of all the same parts so I just want to create one channel and then C&P it to the other places on the schematic.

BUT…I can’t find any way to just C&P! I know it must be there somewhere but any searches I’ve done showed up empty.

Any help? Thanks!

Make a selection and right click while it’s active


Also consider using hierarchical sheets, they fit the use case well.

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Copy/paste and handling items in general have been different than in most sofware that people are used to. You can’t select individual items by clicking on them but you always use selection box. Selecting with a box and then moving the mouse moves the selection, so you have to be careful when opening the context menu.

Eeschema editing has been changed in 5.99 nightly builds and is probably more mainstream and intuitive (but 5.99 is too unstable and moving target ATM to be used routinely unless you are very adventurous).

With a single schematic symbol you can hover and use [Ctrl +C] and [Ctrl + V].

If you’re feeling adventurous you can use a completely hierarchical design.
That is: You have a main sheet, and one sheet of your sub circuit, which gets included in the main sheet 4 times.

Just to verify if it works I drew a sheet with two “amplifier” sheets.

On the “Amplifier” sheet I drew a simple opamp circuit:

After that, I did the annotation in the main sheet and selected:
(*) First free after sheet number X 100

The Opamp in the left sheet now has RefDes U201, while in the right sheet it is U301.

I also zipped the project and attached here for the curious: (4.2 KB)

Edit: I tinkered a bit more. Filled in the Footprint fields via the “Edit Symbol Fields” spreadsheet, then hit [F8] to put all the Footprints int Pcbnew, and as you can see, both U201 and U301 are present.

Zip of updated project: (15.3 KB)

You can still copy with Ctrl-C and paste with Ctrl-V in eeschema–at least in version kicad 5.1.5 --without using the windowing selection. You just have to select the schematic symbol or symbols with the mouse first. (R-click the top left corner of a box containing the component or components you want to copy. Holding the mouse button down, drag the mouse cursor to the bottom right of the pink box. ) Then Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V elsewhere.

Remember if you want to undo something you changed, just Ctrl-Z.

If you make the pink box small, you can select exactly one symbol. If you make the pink box larger, you can select more than one symbol. However, if you select more than one symbol, everything inside the pink box will be copied, including wires.

OK, thanks everyone. Got a handle on it now. Already used it a bit. It is somewhat cumbersome initially but I see the right click is feature rich so very helpful.

Thanks again for the guidance…

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