Can't edit my FAQ articles any more

I can’t find a way to edit the FAQ articles written by me any more. Did something change in the last big update, or is there some time window or something?


You lost your regular status it seems


Yeah, recently I have written only 5 times a day… :slight_smile:


Well likes given also decreased as joan and i are less active. It might be that we need to reduce the number of required likes for the regular status.


Looking at, I don’t find a good reason. But you aren’t “Regular” any more, either.


I am not sure if the regular status is shown in addition to the leader status. But you might be on to something. @ChrisGammell could you check if there is some problem with the regular trust level system?


I believe this is because of the latest update, some of the default requirements for level three changed and I didn’t know about it. Let’s take a look at, and celebrate, @eelik’s impressive contribution to the community!

It was the “likes given” requirement that changed recently. I don’t personally care about that stat at all.

So yes, of course I bumped you back up! Thank you for giving your time and expertise to the community!


Thanks. Although I should give more likes, I think…


At first I thought it was lame that likes given counted as anything but the concept has grown on me. I tend to give a like to posts where someone thanks another member for their help.


It seemed to have disappeart hier as well. Just ‘liked’ every post in this thread to check out if it puts me back to ‘regular’. Strange classification system. It certainly should not have affected eelik at all.


Yeah, sorry for laying low guys.
We got dry season right now (about to wind up) and I need to get as much done of the outdoor works as I can… which means my tool of choice is either Inventor for drawing up things I need to make or being out there and moving dirt, installing roofing, preparing rebar for concrete slabs… the lot.

I hope for another 6-8 weeks of mostly dry weather to get another slab done and a roof up and then it can start raining.
Got some electronics projects on my mind already :wink:

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