Can't edit, delete or view properties of selected item

I just downloaded the latest 5.1.9 release build and keep running into this problem in both footprint editor and Pcbnew. When I select a part or a graphic line in footprint editor or Pcbnew, it sometimes shows the item is selected, but I can’t delete or view the properties all the time. Sometimes it takes multiple de-selects and re-selects before I can do something with it like using the ‘E’ shortcut to view the properties. I first ran into this when I re-annotated a block of parts and wanted the re-annotated parts to be in the same spot as the old parts (I forget what option I use to keep the original parts while the new parts are brought in using the update from schematic command, since KiCad will just blow away the old ones and I lose their positioning if I don’t do this, even if I have renamed the old references to the new ones). So now I want to copy and paste the X and Y coordinate of each old part into the re-annotated part, deleting the old part just before I change the new part’s coordinates to match the old part. This is where I first ran into the issue of not being able to view the property of the old or new part after selecting it consistently. Sometimes it takes multiple selects/de-selects before I can see the property window. I also can’t delete a part or do anything else with it even though it is clearly showing it is selected when it is acting this way. I have to de-select and re-select and hope it works the next time. Although if I try enough times, I can get through the operation.

Which brings me what I was doing today, which is editing a footprint for a coin cell battery. I’m having a heck of a time moving and editing some courtyard lines. They show selected but just like with Pcbnew, I can’t do anything to the selection such as view the properties or move or delete the object. It actually seems worse in footprint editor since I’ve tried selecting and re-selecting some of the courtyard graphics objects dozens of times for some of them whereas in Pcbnew USUALLY 3-5 selection/de-selection cycles is enough to allow me to view the property or delete the object.

Has anyone seen this? I only started using KiCad recently (first version was 5.1.8) and I don’t recall seeing this in that version but I was mostly doing schematic capture for this project then, so it may also exist in earlier versions.

What OS are you using?

Winblows 10, latest updated release. It doesn’t always do this. Today I’ve not experienced this problem at all, but when it’s in that mood, sometimes it takes a long time before I can do something with the selected object. I even recorded a short video of it when it was acting up using the recording tool built-in. I’m not sure what makes it get into this weird mode but next time I’ll try quitting and restarting KiCad to see if that fixes it.

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