Can't associate a footprint to component

After creating the schematic and open the CvPCB to associate a footprint to the components, an error message appear and I can’t see any footprint to associate (on the right side).
The error message is:

“Errors were encountered loading footprints
from C:/Jenkins/workspace/windows-kicad-msys2-stable/src/kicad-4.0.0-rc1/pcbnew/github_plug.cpp : remote_get_zip() : line 584"

This error repeats 17 times in the same window and the path don’t exist on my notebook.

It appears that it tries to access the footprint libraries on github (download them as a zip-files). For some reason that fails. Firewall? Offline?

The path you see is part of a debugging message and stems from the system the program was built on, in this case a windows machine.

You might want to check the entries in ‘fp-lib-table’, as well as the environment variable

“KIGITHUB=” [Preferences -> Configure Paths]

Ended it was a problem with the proxy configuration. I can’t access the library from the kicad directly. Knowing that, I download the libraries and set then manually. It’s working now. Thanks.